Resume Workshop

Unfortunately, a bunch of the resumes employers receive today still read like a laundry list of duties. Avoid this common mistake AND try our unique Resume Workshop Service called “Don’t State The Obvious”!!

A resume is a short descriptive document. It is an account of work experience, education, qualifications, objectives, personal qualities and special skills. It is usually the first item a potential employer sees about you and therefore is very important! The resume’s main purpose is to get you an interview!

When preparing your resume, remember this is a document to market your experience and skills, and showcase what you have to offer. Your resume is much more effective and attractive to employers when it demonstrates what you have achieved with your previous experiences and what you can potentially achieve for the new employer.

Our Unique “Don’t State The Obvious” Resume workshop Service will give your resume a unique and more professional look. This will not only save the time of interested employers, but also help you highlight the facts which employers are interested to see in your resume. Now the question is out of so many KRAs you handle, which all you need to highlight in a 1 – 2 page career presentation, what you need to avoid, which font you must use, where to write what, etc, etc, etc…

TIP: Never ever include false information on your resume. With the technology that is available today, employers can easily check on your background.

DON’T Worry. We at Innovarss are always available to assist you and ensure that we help you create a wonderful and mindful presentation of your career achievements which shall enhance your resume’s acceptance chances with interested and prospective employers. To know more, get in touch with us at [email protected]